At Fort Worth Bone and Joint, we do more than help you RECOVER from acute injuries and REPAIR chronic wear-and-tear body damage: We PREVENT you from getting “battered and tattered” in the first place! We can also help get you ready for an upcoming surgery with some “prehabilitation” before the procedure to make your rehabilitation afterwards better, easier, safer and prevent complications!

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Osteoporosis Care

The Fort Worth Bone and Joint Clinic is committed to helping you identify if you may have osteoporosis and treat you promptly to avoid osteoporosis related fractures.

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Weight Management

Maintaining a healthy body weight through diet and exercise is critically important for overall health. Underweight & Overweight are both TREATABLE problems…and we can help you!

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No Falls

Each year millions of Americans fall, including one out of four over age 65. We at Fort Worth Bone and Joint are committed to helping you prevent falls through screening, assessing, and intervention!

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Surgery Preparation & Smoking Cessation

Upcoming surgery? There are actionable steps you can take to prepare that can greatly improve your surgical outcome and reduce the change of complications.

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Medical Prevention

The O.W.N.S. System at THC Bone & Joint

Certain very common conditions substantially raise your risk of acute injury chronic degeneration of your body including:

  • Falls
  • Weakening of your bones (osteoporosis)
  • Age-related muscle mass loss (sarcopenia)
  • Excessive body weight (obesity)
  • Smoking-induced damage (oxidative stress)

While patients can pursue some treatments for these conditions on their own through available community resources, the team at Fort Worth Bone and Joint can connect you to the most advanced therapies for each of these conditions!

For those patients pending an upcoming surgery that may have its own risks for complications and problems, we are also here to help you get in the best possible shape BEFORE your procedure to avoid problems and make your recovery smoother and easier!

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